6. Investor Guide


This guide is still under construction. Please excuse if what you are searching for is not yet available.

The investor guide serves as an entry point for existing and potential investors in the LocalCoin ecosystem. We here merely discuss the LLC token as well as investment opportunities available within LocalCoin itself and deliberately do not advertise 3rd party businesses. Please be reminded that this is an information platform and thus we do not give investment advice.

6.1. Claim your Investment

You are considered as a AngelShare holder if you have donated BTC or LLC to one of these addresses:

  • BTC: 1ANGELwQwWxMmbdaSWhWLqBEtPTkWb8uDc
  • PTS: PaNGELmZgzRQCKeEKM6ifgTqNkC4ceiAWw

There is also an AngelShare Explorer specifically for these donations

AngelShares have been gifted 50% of the initial LLC shares. The other 50% went to AngelShares, the other went to holders of PTS.

6.1.1. Claiming your Stake

In order to claim your LLC, you need to look in your bitcoin wallet and search for transactions the the above mentioned address. The keys that correspond to the inputs of that transaction are what you need to obtain your LLC (FAQ <http://www1.agsexplorer.com/ags101>).

If you have located the private keys (in wallet import format - WIF), you can safely import them into your LocalCoin account using the Import Keys tools in the Wallet Management Console of your LocalCoin wallet.