LocalCoin Airdrop FAQ

1. Why does LocalCoin take so long to load on my browser?

Due to LocalCoins complexity, the websites cache is required upon first loading.

2. My LocalCoin webpage is stuck loading, what do I do?

Use Google Chrome, Clear browsers cache and restart. Or the best way is to download our applications for Win/Mac/Linux

3. I finished all the airdrop Bot tasks abut LLC has not arrived to my LocalCoin wallet

LLC will be credited into your LocalCoin wallet at the day when Airdrop is finished in may 2019.

4. How many Airdrop Rounds you will run?

1st round started on the 8th of April 2019 - 10mln LLC will be distributed 2st round will start afther the 1st is over - 10mln LLC will be distributed

5. Do you have ICO, how do i buy LLC?

LLC can be purchased via ICO website applications Win/Mac/Linux, directly from your LocalCoin web-wallet or from our applications for Win/Mac/Linux

6. I followed twitter.com/LocalCoinIS, liked and retweeted your tweet but @LocalCoinAirdropBot shows that the twitter task hasn’t been accomplished with cross on it?

You just need to wait, @LocalCoinAirdropBot checks Twitter tasks every 6 hours.

7. My antivirus blocks your apps, what do i do?

It happens not only to LocalCoin app, your antivirus will block any applications which is trying to connect to the internet. You need to allow LocalCoin app to use your PC’s internet connection, otherwise you will not be able to use LocalCoin blockchain.

8. I got message from @LocalCoinAirdropBot: “A user you invited just completed the registration process. You got +10 LLC!” but no balance is credited to me, why?

@LocalCoinAirdropBot refreshed every 6 hours, you just need to wait

9. I got 3 friends into LLC referral and I get the message that it’s completed, but it only gives me 1 x 10 LLC. But my friends finished all task. Any idea why?

@LocalCoinAirdropBot refreshed every 6 hours, you just need to wait