Welcome to the Graphene Documentation

The developers of LocalCoin formed Cryptonomex to monetize the technology, experience, reputation and good will they accumulated during their first two years of development and operations. Much of that technology is embodied in Graphene™, an industrial strength software platform for deploying third generation cryptographically secure decentralized ledgers known as block chains.

Graphene based systems have orders of magnitude better performance than first-generation Bitcoin-derived systems or even the second generation “Bitcoin 2.0” systems that constitute our current closest competitors. Graphene based systems go beyond mere “checkbook” style payments to offer a broad range of financial services distinguished by their transparency and inherent incorruptibility.

This page documents the Graphene technology built by Cryptonomex. You can see Graphene as a toolkit for real-time blockchains. We separated the documentation into smaller parts for convenience and for the sake of easy location of relevant information.

Blockchain Specific Guides

The Graphene Technology has been applied to several blockchain already. LocalCoin has been the first application of Graphene technology and you will be able to find almost everything feature implemented in LocalCoin. Further blockchains will be added independently.

LocalCoin is a Financial Smart Contracts platform that enables trading of digital assets and has market-pegged assets that track the value of their underlying asset (e.g. USD tracking the U.S. dollar).